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At Fairfield County Moving, our goal is to make your move as simple as possible. Whether you need to move a small or large office, we are commercial moving specialists. We pride ourselves on organization and efficiency so that your company can be up and running as soon as possible without having any disruption in your business. By creating a free, detailed office floor plan ahead of time, we operate under the most efficient moving strategy based upon what the needs of your business are.


Once contracted, our packing services become available to you. We can deliver all tagging and packaging materials directly to your site. By marking and tagging all items such as furniture, boxes, and equipment, we ensure that each individual office receives its respected belongings. We then use the detailed floor plan to ensure proper placement of items like furniture, files, and equipment. If needed, we will disassemble and reassemble any furniture or equipment during the moving process and place everything according to the floor plan.